Operational Excellence Starts Here

Over the past two decades, the management team at PDPI has established an unparalleled reputation for successfully delivering commercial, defense, and government projects to their for clients. Our focus lies in differentiation, value creation, and operational excellence. We take the perspectives of all stakeholders seriously and diligently to foster mutual trust.

Value Creation Starts Here

The success of PDPI is founded on establishing a strong foundation that ensures a predictable outcome through innovation, superior quality, outstanding value, and on-time completion. We meticulously oversee the outcomes of our projects by actively managing the processes involved. PDPI's Project Delivery Team takes the lead in coordinating cross-functional project teams within a matrix environment, bearing responsibility for managing and executing all aspects of the project lifecycle.

PDPI achieves project delivery through a comprehensive approach encompassing Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Finance.

Services We Provide

Both independently and through our partnerships, we take pride in offering a wide range of services, including:

  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Finance (EPC+F)
  • Design and Build Turnkey Projects
  • Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Construction Services and Project Management
  • Architecture and Structural Engineering

When Mission Sensitivity Matters

Over the past two decades, the management team at PDPI has forged an unparalleled reputation through the successful delivery of commercial and defense projects to military forces. These projects have encompassed a wide range, including the construction of:

  • Headquarters Facilities and Data Centers
  • Company Operations and Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Runways
  • Military Housing and Medical Facilities
  • Educational Facilities and Training Centers
  • Maritime Facilities
  • Border and Port Security Infrastructure
  • Base Camps
  • Heavy Civil and Utilities Infrastructure
  • Logistics
  • Turn-key Life Support Services

This extensive experience underscores our commitment to excellence in project execution.

"With our fusion center in Dubai, UAE, our group operations are consolidated under one roof to support projects of all sizes and values, even in some of the most challenging environments."

- Dave Cain, Founder & Group CEO - PDPI

"PDPI Trading is a dynamic procurement and logistics company that specializes in tailored, end-to-end solutions, with the capability to offer services globally."


Outsourcing your procurement and logistics functions can be a concerning prospect, particularly when your business depends on suppliers delivering the highest quality and service.

At PDPI Trading, our highly skilled, multilingual team possesses a deep understanding of various industries and extensive experience in global procurement. We are committed to staying current with industry trends and market conditions, and our goal is to consistently identify the best products available worldwide. We take pride in cultivating strong and successful relationships with international manufacturers and their distributors to ensure our customers achieve optimal cost, quality, and delivery outcomes."

PDPI Trading delivers a valuable service without disrupting the client's operational processes, thanks to our close working relationship with a wide range of 'BEST IN CLASS' suppliers. Our substantial cost savings never come at the expense of quality. In fact, our rigorous procurement process not only reduces costs but also raises standards for our commercial, government, and military clients.